functions and features of a political party

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  • Functions and features of Political Party
    • A political party is a group of similarly minded people who aim to achieve their objectives by fielding candidates for election to political office
      • A political party puts the policies it aims to pass into law in its manifesto, documenting into party pledges
        • The party that wins power as a result of electoral victory earns a mandate, which is when a political party or decision maker has the authority to make decisions or put policies in place.
    • Functions
      • Political participation
        • Political parties allow people to have a greater participation in politics by becoming members of the party
        • Parties also aim to increase political engagement by educating citizens on political issues
      • Government and opposition rules
        • Parties ensure that a single government is formed as a result of the general election which is able to safely pass its legislation through the house of commons.
        • Parties also perform the role of opposition parties who check the actions of government and hold it to government.
      • Representation
        • A key role of political parties is representing their members
          • The Labour party's membership has been increasing under Jeremy Corbyn, growing by nearly 200,000 members since 2015
    • Creating policy
      • Political parties establish policies which they believe are in the interests of voters and meet their needs
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