Functionalist View of Religion

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  • Functionalists
    • Durkheim
      • Sacred
        • Profane
          • Ordinary objects treated as special
        • Symbols
        • Objects treated with special significance
      • Totemism
        • Worshipping society not God
        • Man uttrly dependent on Society
          • Therefore worships it
        • Symbols
      • Social Solidarity
        • Society Uniting
        • Collective Consience
      • Social intergration important function oif religion
      • Performs unifying function
      • Didn't pass judgement
        • Sacred symbols do carry values
      • Religious definition too broad
      • Secular values impact social life
        • Ignored negatives of religion
    • Bellah
      • Ritual and Ceremony common aspect of society
        • 4th July
        • Remembrance Sunday
      • Civil Religion
        • Sacred qualities attributed to aspects of society
      • USA
      • Faith in Americanism
    • Malinowksi
      • Deal with stress
      • Rituals reduce anxiety and increase feeling of control
      • Exaggerate importance of religion
      • Questionable how it applies to Western Society
      • Secularisation
    • Parsons
      • Religion provides guidelines for behaviour and standards
      • Christian beliefs underpin value concensous
      • Provide Theodicy
      • Relieves tension and frustration that threatens social order
      • Provides a range of answers to questions
      • Helps make sense of experiences
    • Evaluation
      • Carries out same functions in society
      • Emphasises positive influence of religion
        • Ignores negative aspects
      • Ignores internal divisions
      • Little consideration to hostility
      • can be a direct threat to social order




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