Functionalist Theory

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  • Functionalist Theory
    • Structuralist theory (top down)
    • Positivist, human behaviour is shaped by social facts
    • Compare society to the human body (analogy) all the organs work together to bring good health
    • Social order is dependent on 4 factors
      • 1 Socialisation into value consensus
        • Members of society learn norms through family
        • Secondary agents e.g. education reinforce these values
      • 2  Social Intergration
        • People belonging to a community
        • Media promote nationalism
      • 3 Social Control
        • Values need to be reinforced by agencies of control
        • Informal agencies e.g. family and formal agencies e.g. justice system
      • 4 Division of Labour
        • Education allows skills that help find a specialist job
    • Sociologists? Parsons, Durkheim, Merton


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