functionalist view of education

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  • functionalist view of education
    • agent of socialisation
      • teaches the norms and values of society, value consensus
      • durkihiem
    • social solidarity
      • tight knit community through the shared norms and values
        • eg/ uniform, assemblies
      • feeling of togetherness
      • durkhiem
    • transition from family to the workplace
      • Talcott parson
      • move from particularistic standards and ascribed status to universalistic standards and achieved status
    • hidden curriculum
      • prerpared for adulthood
      • turns into conforming adults
      • accept and obey rules
    • official curriculum
      • prepares for work
      • uni, schools ect prepare for work
    • role allocation
      • assesses attitudes to a job theyre well suited for
      • davis and moore
    • meritocracy
      • school operates on meritocratic principles
      • even given equal opportunity, success is based on own effort and ability
      • parsons
    • evaulutation
      • both sociologists are arm chair theorists neither went out and conducted empirical research
      • Marxists- meritocracy based on capitalist principles, value consensus of the bourgeoisie


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