Functionalism, Strain and Sub-cultural theories

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  • Functionalism, strain and subcultural theories
    • Durkheim's Functionalist Theory
      • The inevitability of crime
        • Crime is inevitable
        • Not everyone has shared norms and values
        • Creates anomie
      • Boundary Maintenance
        • Purpose of punishment is to reaffirm society's shared rules and social solidarity
        • Public stigmatisation discourages others to commit crime
      • Adaption and Change
        • All change starts with an act of deviance
        • Too much crime threatens society's bonds
        • Too little crime means society is controlling and repelling it's members too much.
      • Evaluation
        • Doesn't consider the negatives of crime
        • Doesn't say how much crime is right
        • ignores individuals
    • Merton's Strain Theory
      • The American Dream
        • Tells Americans that society is meritocratic
        • Disadvantaged groups are denied opportunities e.g poverty
        • This produces frustration which creates pressure to resort to crime
      • Deviant adaptions to strain
        • 1. Conformity
        • 2.Innovation
        • 3.Ritualism
        • 4.Retreatism
        • 5.Rebellion
      • Evaluation
        • Merton sees crime as a working-class phenomenon - not all commit crime
        • Marxists - ignores power of ruling class
    • Subcultural strain theories


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