MODERNISATION & Global Development (Functionalist Perspective)

I use this mind map for global development topics regarding functionalism, and also for my theory essay on functionalism. 

Hope you find it useful! :) 

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  • Functionalism and Global Development
    • Third World 'Failure'
      • The third world are 'late developers' due to internal factors.
      • The third world will develop by following first world patterns and eventually get the same results.
        • Parsons uses the example of Victorian England to demonstrate this 'period of transition'.
        • Industrialisation!
      • Third world countries were still colonised and therefore, empires saw their role as civilisation as opposed to development. (Illusion of superiority).
    • The Fear of communism
      • America's fears of communism (eg: Cuban Missile Crisis)
        • As a result, third world countries were seen as having issues of development
      • Marshall Plan worked for Europe, we should apply the same principles to third world countries.
        • KINGSBURY Motives of Western sponsorship are selfish.
          • America are then seen as having political friends, stability. They also have power, air bases, good publicity and jobs com e back to the country.
    • ROSTOW US government advisor and writer.
      • Development is possible for third world countries with resources and investments.
      • Stages of Growth include traditional society, take off, lots of change, maturity and finally the age of high consumption. The decline of manufacturing and growth of services.
        • Criticised - not everyone can be at stage 5! Is this path appropriate for all countries? eg:India or China
      • The borrowing model
        • HAYTER criticised the idea of foreign aid projects. Lending is always with poor consequences.
          • The example of Ghana. Chocolate demand from the West. Loss of food supply, weather and pest dependent and reliant upon world markets.
    • PARSONS Change is good and progressive!
      • Globalisation increases world trade and helps economies on a global scale.
        • We give loans because they are a good investment.
          • VIDEL When we give £1 as foreign aid we generally receive £1.50 in return.
      • 'Common sense' view that the third world are uneducatied, there is over breeding and that countries lack internal investment. This leads to common sense solutions...
        • There is a belief that technology is good for the third world. Technology is NOT neutral and is profit driven!
        • Overpopulation leads to the first world selling the third world second hand drugs with dreadful side effects. Eg: Depro Provera
        • SCHUMACKER Neo Populist criticism. Technology should be intermediate.
      • The Green Revolution
        • Environmental issues such as deforestation leading to mudslides. Eg: Pakistan
        • Local people not consulted. In respect of low lying land etc. No success, more poverty..
        • EASTERLY There is no significant empirical relationship between aid and economic growth.
        • Saw the rise of projects to introduce agritechnology,
    • Ignorant to colonial history!
      • Modernisation theory is ahistorical...


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