A2 Sociology Functionalism

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  • Functionalism
    • Durkheim: The Sacred and the Profane.
      • Sacred: Set apart and forbidden.
        • Inspires awe, wonder or fear.
        • Symbolizes great power.
      • Profane: its normal or mundane
      • Different in every religion but all perform the same function.
    • Durkheim: Totemism
      • Based on an Aboriginal tribe -Arunta.
      • Totem = Clans Emblem.
        • Reinforces Solidarity.
        • Animal or plant to symbolize the tribe.
      • Worshiping animal = society.
        • Social Solidarity
    • Durkheim: Cognitive functions.
      • Religion forms cognitive reason.
        • Justifies actions and reason, as well as the thought process.
      • "Religion is the origin of human thought, reason and science."
    • Psychological Functions.
      • Religion helps cope with emotional stress.
      • Soical Solidarity
      • "Death is the main reason for the existence of religion belief."
    • Parsons.
      • Religion is only useful to help deal with unforeseen events and uncontrollable outcomes.
      • Two Essential Functions:
        • Creates and legitimates society's central values.
        • Primary source of meaning.
    • Bellah: Civil Religion
      • Religion unifies society.
      • America: attaches sacred qualities to society itself.
      • Creates Social Solidarity, in a way that an individual religion cannot.
  • Durkheim= 1858-1917


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