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  • Functionalism
    • Structural and consensus theory
      • Looks at how society shapes the individual through socialisation
      • Based on value consensus and agreed norms and values
      • Macro theory: looking at society as a whole
    • Emile Derkheim
      • One of the founding fathers of sociology
      • He believes agreed norms and values create social solidarity
      • He used the 'Organic Analogy' to describe society
        • Social institutions work together like the body to keep society running
          • 'Inter-dependent' society
      • When socialisation is inadequate it creates a state of anomie
        • Crime and deviance
        • The family is primary socialisation
          • The ideal family is the nuclear family
    • Rose tinted view of society
      • Ignores inequality in all institutions
        • Institutional racism and abusive households.
      • Irrelevant in todays society
      • Too Deterministic
        • Treats humans as robots and doesn't take into account the expectancy of human nature
        • Doesn't focus on individuals, just society
  • Sofiya Chrystan


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