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  • Functionalism
    • Consensus view sees society as harmonious. Argues that:
      • Society has basic needs. To survive, society needs social solidarity.
      • Social institutions perform positive functions both for society and individuals.
      • Functionalism is a conservative view of society.
    • Parsons argues that school is 'focal socialising agency' of modern society.
      • Meritocracy - based on 2 key values
        • Individual achievement - status through own efforts and abilities
        • Equal opportunity - every individual achieve full potential.
      • Secondary socialistion
    • Davis and Moore: Role allocation
      • Main function is role allocation - selection and allocation of individuals to future work roles.
      • Functionalist explanation of social stratification
        • Some more talented than others
        • Some work roles more complex than others and require greater skill.
        • Society function efficiently most talent most important jobs.
          • Higher rewards are offered jobs motivate everyone strive to them.
        • Meritocratic ed. system allows equal competition. 'Sifts and sorts'.
    • Evaluation of functionalism
      • Marxists argue values transmitted not society's shared values but R/C values.
      • Education is not meritocratic because schools discriminate some groups & don't give equal opportunity.
      • Hargreaves argues schools place more value on comp & developing individuals on developing sense of solidarity.
      • Sometimes difficult see direct link between subjects studies and what is required of workers.
      • Interactionists argue functionalist view of socialisation is too deterministic


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