The 6 functions of the skeleton

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  • Function of the skeleton
    • support
      • provided for muscles and vital organs
      • without support, the body would be a mass of soft tissue that was unable to move
    • Protection
      • used to protect vital organs, e.g the cranium which is the flat bone protecting the brain
      • during physical activity, protection is crucial for both performance and long-term health.
      • reduces the chance of injury, which means players can continue to train and play
    • Movement
      • occurs at the joints when muscles contract and pull on the bone
      • the ability to move is central to all activities
    • shape and structure
      • required for maintaining basic form of our body and providing something for muscles to attach to.
      • without shape and structure we would not be able to move
    • blood cell production
      • takes place in the bone marrow
      • red blood cells are especially important in aerobic activities because they carry oxygen to working muscles.
      • white blood cells fight off infections , and platelets blood to clot following an injury.
    • storage of minerals
      • essential for major body functions
      • their role in physical activity is linked to the general health of an athlete which clearly affects sporting performance.


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