Full time v Part time

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  • Full time v Part time staff
    • Full time advantages
      • Fewer staff in total will be needed as they work more hours per week
      • Lower recruitment and training costs.
      • Easier to manage and control less staff
      • Workers may feel more secure and motivated with a full time job, as they earn more money than part time
      • They will be more loyal with one full time job.
    • Part time disadvantages
      • Their loyalties could be split  between jobs
      • Recruitment and training costs will be lower
      • there could be additional costs in terms of pension provision, benefits and training
      • the job-sharers' manager may spend more time supervising two workers instead of one
    • Part time advantages
      • May save money on part time worker when there isn't enough customers for a full time worker
      • Part time workers are more flexible
      • They could work at the busiest times, this improves customer service.
      • Some workers may prefer part time, if they have children for example
    • Full time disadvantages
      • As there is less staff, there may be no one to cover if someone is ill
      • Can be expensive as you will have to give out bonuses ect
      • Less flexibility


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