Fuelwood in the Congo

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  • Fuelwood in the Congo
    • Traditional Farming
      • Trees used as firewood for cooking (over 90% of energy comes from firewood)
      • Cattle dung fertilizes soil
      • Crops grow due to fertilised soil
        • Feed cattle
          • Cattle dung fertilizes soil
    • Deforestation
      • Causes
        • Civil war
          • People forced to leave homes
            • Go to rainforests
              • Collect fuelwood and charcoal/ hunt bushmeat
      • Effects
        • Deforestation means no firewood
          • Cattle dung used for fuel
            • Soil not fertilised
              • Crops don't grow
                • Cattle have no food and die
        • Many rare species of animal become extinct (e.g. mountain gorilla)
        • Desertification


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