Frustration-aggression hypothesis

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  • Frustration-aggression hypothesis
    • Frustration is cause of agg.
      • Dollard et al - prevented from getting what you want. (catharsis)
      • Brown et al - more motivation = more F. We expect instant gratification.
    • Justified + unjustified agg.
      • Pastore - unjustified -> anger + F. Asked ppts how they would feel in situations - justified F led to lower anger levels.
      • Geen - male uni students to complete jigsaw. 1) impossible 2) confederate interferes 3) confederate insulted ppts.
        • Ppts gave shocks to confederate when mistake made on a task. (3) gave strongest shocks, then (2), then (1). All selected more intense shocks than control group.
    • Displaced aggression
      • Driven to be agg to object of F. Usually impossible / inappropriate.
      • Dollard - agg should be displaced to something else - scapegoat needed for catharsis.
    • Bushman - ppts who vented by hitting a punching bag became MORE agg. Doing NOTHING was more effective.
      • Key concept of F-A H. Findings should be used for other forms of therapy eg. breathing + counting to 10
    • !Kung San tribe discourage agg beh - reputation diminished. Yanomamo tribe need agg to be accepted. SLT explains CULTURE BIAS
    • RWA - mass killings. Usually rooted in F caused by socio-economic difficulties. Scapegoats found, discriminated against + agg. caused.
      • eg. Jews for Germans in WW2
      • BUT they vented and kept being angry - agg should have gone away
    • ALT EXP - genetics (diathesis-stress). MAOA-L gene inc agg. Frustration in environment triggers MAOA-L activity?
      • why some people are F + not agg.


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