fruit and veg

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  • fruit and vegetables
    • fruit
      • classifications of different fruits
        • soft berry e.g strawberry, raspberry
        • hard fruit e.g apple, pear
        • tropical e.g mango, kiwi
        • citrus fruit e.g lemon, orange
        • stoned fruit e.g Peach, avacado
        • nuts e.g chestnut, almonds
      • fruit is often described as the part of the plant that carries the seed for future generation of plants
      • contain natural sugars in varying amounts
      • plants produce starch during photosynthes-is and in unripefruits most of the carbohydr ate is in the form of starch. As the fruit ripens, the starch is converted to sucrose, and then to glucose and fructose. this causes fruit to be sweeter.
    • vitamin A(fat soluble)          beta carotene found in dark vegetables and red, orange and yellow fruits, beta carotene is converted to vitamin A by the body
    • vegetables
      • starch is stored in the roots or tuber of vegetables. some starch is converted to sugar in vegetables such as beetroot, onions, peas and tomatoes
      • green vegetables contain small quantities of vitamin e and k
      • potatoes are a good source of vitamin c in the uk as it is a staple food.
      • natural chemicals in some vegetables are released when fried
      • high in nutrients, containing:    A,,B,C,D         minerals( iron and calcium) and fibre


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