'New' wars

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  • From 'old' wars to 'new' wars
    • Rise of identity politics
      • 'Identity wars' quest for cultural regeneration
      • Wars are no longer fought for ideological reasons, but from pressures of globalisation
        • Sen; 'solitaristic' forms of identity
    • Lessening civilian and military divide
      • Syria; 1.3 million refugees
      • No longer confined to battlefield
      • Smith; 'war amongst the people'
    • Decline of inter-state conflict, replaced with civil wars (intrastate)
      • Post Cold War era- end of 'zones of peace' to create 'zones of turmoil'
        • Weak states such as Afghanistan
      • Post colonial world
        • Heritage of ethnic and tribal rivalry
    • Post-modern
      • Clausewitzian paradigm; war had rules and had regulated armed conflict
      • A new style of warfare has now developed- harder to control and track
    • Asymmetrical wars
      • US-led wars in Vietnam, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan
      • Guerilla warfare
        • Clandestine strategies and tactics, hearts and minds, diplomatic pressure on stronger sides
    • More barbaric methods used
      • Rules of war set aside
      • Kidnapping, torture, systematic ****, car bombs, suicide bombers


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