Friedman and Rosenman TYPE A

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  • Friedman and Rosenman TYPE A
    • Hypothesis
      • CHD is related to type A personality
    • Procedure
      • 3000 men aged 39- 59 from California examined for signs of CHD and personalities assessed using structured interview
      • Interview on everyday pressure responses and was provocative to elict Type A behaviour
    • Findings
      • After 8 and half years twice as many type A participants died of Cardio problems (2.7%)
      • 12.8% of Type A experienced heart attack
      • 6% of Type B experienced heart attack
      • 1.1% of Type B died of cardiovascular problems
    • Evaluation
      • 3,000 is large sample size
      • Gender bias as only men (not representative, can't generalise) (Though men more likely to suffer from heart problems)
      • Only from California (culturally limited, can't generalise)
      • As correlational study can't establish cause and effect
      • Ethical issues (Interview was provocative- could be stressful for participants)
      • Practical application (Medical screening with personality test so will know who is more likely to suffer illnesses)


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