freuds 3 parts to the personality CRIMINOLOGY DIPLOMA

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  • freuds 3 parts to the personality
    • freud suggested we have an ID, ego and superego which are at constant conflict with one another over decision
      • some of us may have a strong ID or a strong super ego etc
    • the ID
      • is present from birth and has no rational thought
      • seeks pleasure and avoids pain
      • impulsive and selfish
      • includes basic needs such as sex and hunger etc
      • if too strong  it can make someone lose control, aggressive/ destructive and lead to inhabited sexual behaviour
    • the ego
      • develops around the age 2-3 and realises instant pleasure is not always possible
      • the mediator of the 3 parts
      • also seeks pleasure but searches for a realistic strategy to do this
      • if this is too weak it will allow the ID and superego to dominate
    • superego
      • this is the rationalised/conscious.
      • develops around ages 3-5
      • can make someone feel guilty
      • tells you what is right or wrong based on morals , values and social norms rather than just realistic ones
      • tries to control the IDs impulses especially the ones society forbids such as aggression


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