Freud & the Psychodynamic Approach

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  • Freud & the Psychodynamic Approach
    • 3 Personality components
      • ID- innate, pleasure principle
      • Ego- 1 year, reality principle
      • Super-ego- 3 years, conscience
      • ID and SE in conflict
      • Ego arbitrates between id & SE
    • 5 Psychosexual Stages
      • Oral (0-1)
      • Anal (2nd year- ego forms)
      • Phallic (3 years- SE forms)
      • Latent (quiet period)
      • Genital (early adolescence)
    • Ego Defence Mechanisms
      • Repression- unconsciously deny impulses
      • Suppression- consciously suppress impulses
      • Displacement- negative feelings displaced onto another
      • Regression- slipping into an earlier stage iif development when faced with stress e.g. sucking thumb
      • Denial
      • Projection
    • Methods of Ego-Defence
      • Dreams
        • Dreams are fulfillment of a wish
        • - ego converts socially unacceptable latent content desires/memories into manifest content by dream work
      • Neuroses
        • Ego converts socially unacceptable latent content desires/memories into manifest content; hysteria, phobia, etc.
        • e.g. Little Hans
    • Jung's structure of personality
      • Psyche: total personality, harbours conflict but directed towards harmony
      • Self-realisation: stated aim of human development
      • Collective unconscious: beneath personal ucs, an innate universal human reservoir
      • Archetypes: universal themes and symbols in collective ucs, use to face uncertain and inexplicable experience


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