Unit 2; Core Studies; Freud

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  • Freud
    • Background
      • 3 personality: Id, Ego, Superego
      • Defenses: repression, projection, denial, displacement
      • Psychosexual stages: oral, anal, phallic
    • Aim; document Little hans & confirm Freud's ideas
    • Sample: 1 boy from age 3-6, Freud put out an ad to his followers
    • Procedure: letters between Freud & Han's dad giving data for advice & interpretations
    • Results
      • scared of playing with widdler after mum's threat
        • in phallic stage,aware of genitals
      • fear of bath
        • sister represented seperation from mum so wanted to drown her
      • asked mum to clean widdler
        • seduction
      • fear of horses biting finger
        • horse was his dad & hans is jel of him, biting is castration
      • Fear of carts & buses
        • linked to pregnancy & competition for mum, also body full of poo, hans preoccupied with lumf
      • Giraffe dream
        • Hans wants mum to himself
      • Plumber dream
        • wants to be like dad
      • Children dream
        • over Oedipus
    • Conclusion: Freud's theories confirmed
    • Ethics: broke protection from harm, competence
    • Ethno-centrism: less likely in under-privileged kids
    • Reliability & Validity
      • IR: can't be replicated
      • ER: too small a sample to e generalisable
      • IV: leading questions used & interpretations are subjetive, bias to Freud
      • EV: no population but ecological
    • Relating to Subject Area
      • individual differences: people have different phobias
      • Understanding disorders: unconcsious conflicts & anxiety
    • Links to Debates
      • Psych as Sci: not replicable, objective, falsifiable
      • Reductionist: Hans not restricted to one PS stage


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