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  • Freud
    • Psychosexual Stages
      • The Oral Stage Ages=Birth-1yr
        • ****** pleasure from mouth
        • Child's self consists of only the id
        • Fixation = Smoking,Drug Alcohol, Food or Sarcasm
      • The Anal Stage Ages=1-3yrs
        • ****** pleasure is focused on the anus
        • With holding or expelling faeces gives the child pleasure
        • Ego devellops during this stage
      • The Phallic Stage Ages=3-6yrs
        • ****** pleasure from the genitals
        • Boys develop a sexual desire to their mothers and girls for their fathers
        • Superego develops
        • Oedipus and Electra conflict occur. Fearing the same sex parent
      • Latency Stage Ages=5/6-Puberty
        • No further psychosexual development
        • The libido is dormant
        • Sexual impulses are repressed
        • Sexual energy can be sublimated towards school work, hobbies and friendships
      • Genital Stage Ages=Puberty-Adult
        • Time of adolescent sexual experimentation
        • Settling down in a loving one-to-one relationship with another in our 20's or so
        • Sexual instinct is directed to heterosexual pleasure, rather than self pleasuring
        • Fixation= Fetishes
    • Id,Ego,  Superego
      • Id
        • Made up of/contains basic drives-Instinctual energies
        • Arrives at birth
        • Unconscious
        • Sometimes known as 'Pleasure Principle'
        • Motivates a person to gratify desire immediately
      • Ego
        • Present about 2yrs old
        • Conscious
        • Balances out the Id and Superego
      • Superego
        • Around 3-5yrs old
        • Also known as 'Morality Principle'
    • Psychoanalysis
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