Free will and determinism

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  • Free Will VS Determinism
    • Determinism
      • Definition
        • Behaviour is determined and predictable
        • External factors
      • 3 Types
        • Environmental
        • Biological
        • Psychic
    • Free Will
      • Definition
        • In control of our own behaviour
        • Choice
        • Moral responsibility
      • Evaluation of FW
        • Strengths
          • Emphasies importance of the individual and studying individual differences
          • Fits society's view of personal responsibility
          • Idea of self-efficacy is useful in therapies as it makes them more effective
        • Limitations
          • Free will is subjective and some argue it doesn't exist
          • Impossible to scientifically test the concept of free will
          • Few people would agree that behaviour is always under control of the individual


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