Free Will

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  • Free Will
    • A01
      • - Assumes we are free to choose our behaviour.
      • For example, we are self-determined
      • Believers in free will, agree that internal and external forces exist but that people have free will to REJECT them
      • Can be supported by the Humanistic Approach
    • AO3
      • Weakness for Determinism that is a strength for Free Will
        • Concept that psychological research and treatments suggest determinism is dominant
          • Doesn't feel intuitively correct - Most people feel they have a sense of freedom of choice
            • This gives free will FACE VALIDITY - connects with the Humanistic Approach, assumes we have free will
              • Successes of Humanistic Approach - revolutionised counselling techniques and provides a positive interpretation towards people than the Psychodynamic Approach
        • Psychologist cannot predict a person's behaviour with 100% accuracy
          • Rare to say X causes Y, there's always people who don't have this effect
            • Antipsychotic drugs do not successfully treat all schizophrenic patients
              • Suggests that there must be something else that affects whether the behaviour happens or not
      • If they pick out our weaknesses
        • Research evidence suggest people who believe they have a high influence in their behaviour tend to be mentally healthier than those who don't
          • Roberts et al - adolescents with a strong belief in fatalism were at a greater risk of developing depression
            • Suggest that if we think/believe we have free will, it has a positive impact on our mental well-being
        • Free will cannot be falsified
          • Determinism as an approach cannot be falsified also. It is based on the idea that causes of behaviour will always exist, even though they may not be found
            • Suggests that the determinist approach to human behaviour may not as scientific as it appears


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