freaks and geeks

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  • Freaks and Geeks
    • Codes
      • Costume: what they are wearing sows weather or not there a freak or a geek
      • An establishing shot is used in the opening credits to set the scene and to introduce the characters.
      • Dialogue: it is dialogue driven as it's mainly talking that is used rather than action
      • Sit com- Every time it does a bong sound it indicates where you should laugh
      • Music is used such as rock to separate the charactors moods
    • Organisations
      • Aired at late time due to swearing and violence included etc
    • Representation
      • Older people: Over dramatic and unhelpful-negative representation
      • Men: Media representation of being negative and dominant-violent. But also alternative-vicctums as Sam is being bullied
      • Woman: Lindsay is a positive/alternative representation of woman because shes the protagonistas; she steps in to help sam and eli but also herself.
        • Kim alternative- seen as lead role and negative as she bullies sam.
        • Lindsay mum shows a caring fussy mother
      • Youth:  dominant/negative drinking. positive e.g. the last dance scene
      • ideology: its ok to be different and stand up for yourself, school isnt what it and woman are equal and young people are mostly good alternative representation
    • Audience
      • Demographics
        • 15-25, both genders  white British , working class
      • Psychographics
        • Its OK to be differenet
    • Narrative
      • Narrative Plot
        • Settings:: School fits in genre- comedy,trapped, self containted-iconic settings. Geeks feel trapped inside school e.g. when school finds them.
        • Story lines:: (Mainplots, subplots,piolet epissodes) Audience positioned with the geeks, parrallel plots - going dance and bullying, starts and ends in one episode. piolet episode- 18episodes
      • Charactors:
        • Villains and minor characters:  Freaks-Bully's and Sams friends,minor bullies and other students e.g. Sam being pinned against locker
        • Ensamble cast: (Lindsay)-protagonist finding her own path way, confused,tomboy,lost
        • Groups of people different personalities  2 Groups freaks and geeks-where camera moves below sports stand
    • Genre
      • Breaks conventions: Main character isn't a man , it doesn't have a montage, and it doesn't use any famous people this is to make it seem more realistic
      • Sit com- comedy fighting




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