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  • Fraud
    • Fraud Act 2006 S2: Fraud by false representation
      • Actus reus
        • 'False representation'
          • False = untrue or misleading
          • Representation = a statement (can be express or implied)
      • Mens rea
        • Intending to make a gain or to cause a loss
        • Dishonesty
          • R v Ghosh 1982 S2 Theft Act 1968
    • Fraud Act 2006 S11: Obtaining services dishonestly
      • Mens rea
        • Dishonest as to obtaining and having the intention to avoid payment in part or in full
          • R v Ghosh 1982
      • Actus reus
        • Obtains services for himself or another
          • Not possible to commit this offence by omission


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