Key quotes and some analysis relating to Victor Frankenstein

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  • Victor Frankenstein
    • Self-orientated
      • "I suffered living torture" p. 62
        • Justine might die but he only thinks of his own woes.
        • Doesn't stop to console his family.
        • Promethean imagery
      • "my manner... was impressive but calm" p.152
        • Intent upon appearing  the way he wants
        • "corrected and augmented" p. 160
          • Changes Walton's account of events so it suits him.
      • "my destiny" p. 129
        • Doesn't think Elizabeth might be hurt; only thinks of himself.
      • "Our conversations are not always confined to his own history and misfortunes" p. 160-161
        • Walton speaking about Frankenstein.
      • "self-devoted being" p.167
        • Creature talking to Frankenstein's corpse
    • Self-pity
      • "no creature had ever been so miserable as I was" p. 151
        • "creature" parallels with his "creature"
        • "I had money" p. 155 He always had support whereas creature had none.
      • "no mortal could support the horror of that countenance" p. 46
        • Putting his pain beyond what humans can manage
          • Implying he isn't "mortal"
      • "Why did I then not expire?" p. 149
      • "the tortures of the accused did not equal mine" p.66
    • Hell imagery
      • "eternal hell" p. 155
        • Reference to Satan in "Paradise Lost"
      • "all hell surrounded me" p. 155
        • Another reference to "Paradise Lost"
      • "I am chained in an eternal hell" p. 161
        • Promethean imagery
      • "I was cursed by some devil" p.155
      • "chains and darkness" p.151
    • Semantic field of revenge
      • "revenge kept me alive" p. 154
      • "satisfy my vengeance in his death" p. 159
        • Speaking to Walton before "Walton, in continuation"
      • "I vow vengeance" p.156
      • "I awakened to reason, at the same time awakened to revenge" p.151-152
        • suggests his revenge is with reason.
    • Admitting/ avoiding guilt
      • "I am the cause of this - I murdered her" p. 141
      • "they all died by my hands" p. 141
      • "I was innocent" p.133
      • "He was the murderer" p. 60
        • Shifting blame to Creature.
      • "I was guiltless" p.124
        • Confused narrative - wants to appear in certain lights at certain times.
    • Social classes
      • "all those bad qualities which often characterise that class" p. 136 talking about the working class.
        • Stereotyping
      • "I could not rank myself with the herd of common projectors" p. 161
      • "my family is one of the most distinguished"p. 26
        • 1st thing he says
    • Gothic imagery
      • Obscurity
        • "obscured in darkness" p. 148
        • "everything was obscure" p.131
        • "I looked on the heavens, which were covered by clouds" p.131
        • "our dark world" p.43
      • Wanted to bridge "the gap that leads to immortality" p.
      • The revenant
        • F was "bound" to C p.165
  • "He was the murderer" p. 60
    • Shifting blame to Creature.


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