Frankenstein-Themes and quotes

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  • Frankenstein
    • The double
      • "You may be my creator but I am your master."
      • "gnashed his teeth"
      • "My own spirit let loose."
    • Birth and Creation
      • "Happy and excellent natures will owe their being to me."
      • "Filthy creation."
      • "Life to death, death to life."
      • "I became capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter."
      • "Demonical  corpse to which I had given life."
      • "Selected his featured."
      • "New species"
      • "I had let loose into the world a depraved wretch."
    • Family and the domestic
      • "Gentle and feminine fosterage."
      • "Deep consciousness of what they owed towards the being to which they had given life."
      • "The fine form of man was degraded and wasted."
    • Fear of sexuality
      • "Mine to protect, love and cherish."
      • "Union with Elizabeth was one of horror and dismay"
      • "Friendship of a devoted and wonderous nature."
    • Alienation
      • "I have no friend."
      • "I desire the company of a mna,"
      • "I bitterly feel the want for a friend."
      • "Shunned and hated by all mankind."
      • "Abhorred monster"
      • "I abhorred the face of man."
    • Critique of society
      • "Men appear to me as monsters thirsting for each others blood."
      • "I declare war upon all mankind."
      • "Shunned and hated by all mankind."
    • Forbidden knowledge.
      • "The masters of science sought immortality and power; such views although futile were grand."
      • "In a scientific pursuit here is continual food for discovery."
      • "Life and death seemed ideal bounds that I should first break through."
    • Context
      • "Shelley first seduced Mary on top of her mother's grave stone."
      • The creature's first murder, is William, Frankys baby bro. This is also the name of Mary's only living child.
      • "Both creator and created destroy each others hope of sexual happiness."
      • Eve Sedgwick - "Live burial."


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