Frankenstein characters

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  • Frankenstein characters
    • William Frankenstein
      • Brother of Victor who was murdered by the Creature
    • Safie
      • The Arabian with whom Felix is in love
    • DeLacey
      • Blind father of Felix and Agatha
    • Kirwin
      • Magistrate in Ireland
    • Justine Moritz
      • A young servant of Madame Frankenstein, executed for William's murder
    • Henry Clerval
      • Son of a merchant in Geneva and Victor's best friend
    • Ernest Frankenstein
      • Frankenstein's other brother who was not murdered
    • Elizabeth Lavenza
      • The daughter of a Milanese nobleman- Victor's adopted sister
    • Felix
      • The boy cottager brother to Agatha and in love with Safie
    • Agatha De Lacey
      • The girl cottager, sister of Felix
    • Margaret Saville
      • Sister of Robert Walton
    • The Turk
      • Father of Safie
    • Waldman
      • Chemist and investor- Victor's mentor
    • Caroline
      • Mother of Victor, William, and Ernest
    • Robert Walton
      • A ship's captain who listens to Victors story
    • The Creature
      • Murderer (actually physically committed the act)


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