Frankenstein characters

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  • Frankenstein Characters
    • Frankenstein
      • Self absorbed
        • Since he could have stopped Justine being executed but instead let her die instead of taking the blame for his creation.
        • He let everyone close to him die.
      • Abandoned the creature
        • Which led to the creature wanting to seek revenge on F by killing everyone close to him.
      • Everyone close to him was killed/murdered by the creature
    • The Creature
      • Innocent but he is corrupted by society (Jean Jacques Rousseau)
      • Rejected by society
        • Creature is also rejected by the DeLacey family
      • Abandoned by Frankenstein
        • Wants to seek revenge on Frankenstein
        • Kills everyone close to Frankenstein
    • Walton
      • He only appears at the beginning and at the end of the novel
      • Frankenstein tells Walton his story and about the monster before he dies.
      • Writes letters to his sister about everything going on while on board the ship.
        • Letters are present at the beginning
    • De Lacey Family
      • The monster learned from then when felix was teaching s'afie
      • The family consists of Felix, agatha and their father a blind old man.
      • The blind old man is the only one who accepts the creature because he listens to him and can't judge him based on his appearance
    • William
      • He was killed by the creature just outside Geneva
      • Justine was blamed for his death since the monster put williams locket in justines pocket.
      • He is Victors younger brother
    • Justine
      • Is blamed for the death of William
        • She was executed
      • Frankenstein could have prevented her death
        • But it would have meant that Frankenstein would have got the blame.
          • She he created the creature and abandoned It.
      • She was adopted into the Frankenstein household during Victors childhood.
    • Henry Clerval
      • Always looks after and supports Frankenstein
      • Can be linked to nature since they both heal Frankenstein
      • Victors childhood friend
    • Elizabeth
      • 1818 edition she was Frankenstein's cousin. In the 1831 edition she was an orphan that Victors mother rescued from a peasant cottage in Italy.
      • She embodies the novels motif of passive woman.


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