france's pro natalist policy

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  • france's pro- natalist policy
    • background
      • ageing population
      • encouraging births - to increase number of working people in the future
      • their wages will support the economy and vast amount of elderly dependents
    • low fertility rate
      • education - people are more aware of the availability of contraception and the consequences that an unplanned pregnancy can have on a career
      • women in careers - women may choose to follow their career choice rather than start a family while young
      • later marriages
      • state benefits
        • couples no longer need children to help care for them when they are older
    • concerns for france
      • wanted to increase birth rate
      • since 1939 there has been a pro natalist policy
      • concerned professional women were choosing not to have babies
      • worried the population would not replace itself in time
    • incentives
      • encourages 3 children families
      • £675 monthly for mothers who stayed off work for one year following the birth of her third child (nearly minimum wage)
      • 'carte famille nombreuse' - large family card. reductions on train fares
      • income tax based on the more children the less tax to pay
      • three years paid parental leave, can be used by fathers and mothers
      • government subsidised day care for children under the age of three and full time school places  for all over threes paid for by the government
    • result
      • fertility rate was 2nd highest in Europe in 2006 at 1.9 children per women
      • did in fact have an effect on france


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