France physical factors

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  • France- Physical Factors
    • Lowland basins
      • Mostly in Northern France, along with the Paris Basin and the Aquitaine basin, Garonne and Loire valleys
      • Most fertile areas
      • Best agricultural soils
      • Climate = mild winters and warm summers
      • Farming = modern and intensive
      • These regions have a moderate pop. density at 51-150 people per km2
    • The Central Massif and Armorican Massif
      • Poor fertile soil, so little use for agriculture
      • Pastoral (cows) farming is common
      • Climate= cool summers, cold winters and often wet
      • remote areas, away from centres or economic activity
      • associated with out-migration of the young and economically active
      • Pop density = low at 100 people per km2
      • Most remote part of Massif Central is Limousin
        • lowest pop. density at 44 people per km2
    • The high Alpine Mountains and the Pyrenees
      • Mountains over 3000m high
      • Climate= cool summers, cold winters and wet
      • unsuitable for agriculture
      • pop. density is very low


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