Speech Acquisition

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  • Speech Acquisition - frameworks
    • Pragmatics
      • Child Directed Speech
        • When adults alter their speech to interact with children (eg. imperatives, concrete conversation topics etc.)
      • Ego- centric Speech
        • Speech initially revolves around self - used when alone
      • Politeness Strategies
        • Learning conversation structure (eg. please and thanks)
    • Phonology
      • Types of sounds
        • Fricatives, plosives and nasals
      • Reduplication
        • Repeat whole syllables (eg. mama)
      • Addition
        • Adding vowels (eg. Doggie)
      • Substitution
        • One sound is substituted for another (eg. 'hip' for ship)
      • Deletion
        • Omitting final consonant
        • (of unstressed syllables) eg. 'nana' for banana
      • Assimilation
        • Changing consonant or vowel for another similar sound within word (eg. 'rorry' for lorry)
    • Lexis
      • Over-extension
        • Categorical - eg. all fruits are apples
        • Analogical - eg. all round things are balls
      • Holophrase
        • Invented words that have consistent meaning  (eg. 'doo doo' means dummy
      • Proto-words
        • Words that express whole idea (eg.'drink' means 'i wanna drink!')
      • Vocative nouns
        • Form of a noun used to express name (eg. mummy)
      • Under-extension
        • Doesn't apply word to enough objects (eg. fruit for just an apple)
    • Grammar
      • Pronouns
        • Children speak in first person
          • Use 'I' and 'me' but not correctly
            • Use 'I' and 'me' correctly!
      • Negatives
        • (Bellugi) Children use 'no' and 'not' at beginning of sentence
          • Then use it within sentence (somewhere!)
            • Use negatives correctly
      • Determiners
        • Articles, numerals, possessives, quantifiers, demonstratives
      • Modifiers
        • Inflections, intensifiers, affixes
      • Virtuous error
        • Logical grammatical mistake CHILD NOT STUPID
      • Sentence types
        • Declaratives, imperatives, exclamatory, interrogative


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