F.R. Tennant - "culmination of God's plans"

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  • F.R. Tennant - "culmination of God's plans"
    • Believed that it is possible for us to imagine a chaotic world where no rules applied
      • However the universe is not chaotic and was designed in a way that evolution would create an environment in which intelligent life could exist
    • Saw human life as the culmination of Gods plan
    • Three pieces of evidence he suggested provide evidence for his ideas
      • 1. The fact that the world that we live in provides exactly the things necessary for life and survival
      • 2. The fact that the world that we live in can not only be observed but can be lived in helps us consider how it works
      • 3. The fact that the process of evolution, through natural selection, has led to the development of intelligent life - to the degree that this intelligent life can observe and analyse the universe


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