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  • FQ1: Why did the USA-USSR alliance break down in 1945?
    • How did the USA-USSR change international relations?
      • Allies- Britian, France, USA & USSR (j.1941)
      • Axis- Japan, Germany & Italy
    • Consequences of the war
      • Infrastructure destroyed across Europe
        • Trade partners ruined
        • USA worried of the communist take-over
      • USSR suffered the most, 20 million deaths.
        • Stalin and USSR felt vulnerable
        • Stalin argued Russia needed a 'buffer zone'- justified Poland
        • Stalin wants harsh reperations to pay for the harm caused.
      • USA and USSR came out the strongest
        • Potentially dangerous- opposing ideologies- history.
      • Question over how to create a long-lasting peace.
        • Different aims
        • Different ideological perspectives
    • Different Ideologies
      • Communism- USSR
        • Economic & political system
        • All wealth should be shared equally
        • No private wealth or property
        • Wealth is all owned by the government.
        • Everyone is employed by the government.
        • No profits- all money is used for well-being of society.
        • No private buisnesses, no induvidual person owning a house.
        • One party elections
      • Capitalism- USA
        • Economic System
        • Wealth is shared by induviduals.
        • Freedom to invest in land, industry, buisness and property.
        • Employed by factory owners who aim to make profit.
        • Democracy-USA
          • Various political parties in free elections.


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