Description of fossils and type of fossils.

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  • Fossils
    • Remains of an animal or plant
    • Study of fossils = paleontology
    • They form when there are....
      • Hard parts
      • Rapid burial
      • Escape from physical, chemical, biological destruction after burial
  • Types of Fossils
    • Mold Fossils
      • Hollow impression of a living thing in rock after it decomposes
    • Cast Fossils
      • Solid mineral deposit that filled a mold, leaving a copy of the living thing
    • Imprint Fossils
      • An impression in rock made by a living thing during its life activities (ex. footprint)
    • Petrified Fossils
      • Plant or animals tissue replaced by minerals
    • Whole Animal
      • An entire plant or animal encased and preserved in ice, sap, or another material


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