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  • Fossils
    • Original Fossils
      • Form when part of the organism is preserved with its chemical compact staying mostly the same.
      • The bone structure (calcium Carbonate) ensures that the bone doesn't decay.
    • Replacement Fossils
      • When part of the dead organism's chemical structure changes.
      • They take a long time to form. The ones found seem to be around 60 million years old
      • Forms when the calcium is changed into silica
      • Sometimes turns into opal
      • If the preserved organism is wood then it is called to be petrified
      • For this change to occur it depends on the enviornment surrounding the organism
    • Carbon Film
      • Occurs when the dead organism only partly decays and leaves a black line of carbon
      • Shows finer detail
      • Sometimes coal can be formed in the process, meaning no trace of the fossil
    • Indirect Fossils


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