RE- Forms of Punishment

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  • Forms of Punishment
    • Fines
      • Maximum Fine= £5,000. (magistrates court). But there is no limit on how many fines a court can issue
      • Fines reflect the seriousness of the crime + the offender's financial situation
      • Can still continue with their life
      • Not harsh enough- doesn't act as a deterrent
    • Probation
      • The offender has to report to a probation officer on a regular basis
      • Can continue in their job
      • Prob. Officer can officer can provide advice
      • Can be seen as a soft option
    • Life Imprisonment
      • Most severe punishment - theoretically till death
        • population: 80,000 [x2 from 1993]
    • Electronic tagging
      • Ensure the offenders complete their sentence at home
      • Not harsh enough- doesn't fulfill retribution or vindication
      • Cheaper than prison for the taxpayer
      • The technology can be developed and can be used on a wider scale
      • They can still continue with their life
      • Not protecting the society as they can still commit a crime
    • Community Service
      • Combines punishment with changing offender's behaviour + making amends in the community service
        • sentences range from 40- 240 hrs of compulsory unpaid work
      • Fulfills: Reparations, Reformation, Retribution
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