Bonding & Formation of Molecules

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  • Bonding & Formation of Molecules
    • Ionic Bonding
      • Weaker than covalent bonds
      • Opposite charges attract
      • Electrostatic Attraction
    • Covalent Bonding
      • Shared pair of electrons
      • Outer shell of both atoms filled - stable
      • Molecule formed
    • Hydrogen Bonding
      • Molecule with uneven distribution of charge = polarised (polar molecule).
      • Negative region of polar molecule and positively charged region of another attract.
      • Weak electrostatic bond formed.
      • Each bond individually weak
        • Collectively form important forces, that alter physical properties of molecules.
      • Electrons within molecule NOT evenly distributed, but spend more time at one position.
        • This region is more NEGATIVELY CHARGED than rest of molecule.


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