Forming Bonds

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  • Formations of Ions
    • Sometimes when atoms react together they trasfer electrons to form chemical bond. This happens when metals react with non metals.
      • If reacting atoms are NON metals the atoms share electrons to form chemical bonds.
    • When a metal bonds with a non metal, metal atom gives out one or more electrons to the non metal ...
      • Both atoms become charged particle ions.
    • Metal atoms form positively charged ions (+)
    • Non metal atoms form negatively charged ions (-)
    • Opposite charges attract each other
      • Strong forces are between positive and negative ions in a compound of a metal and a non metal
        • Strong forces of attraction are the iconic bonds which form.
    • Example:
      • Lithium metal will react with non metal - flourine.
        • Lithium has 3 electrons all negatively charged.
          • All atoms are neutral so we know it has 3 positive protons in its nucleus


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