Formation of the Nazi Party

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  • Formation of the Nazi Party
    • 1919
      • Led by Drexler.
      • Political ideas: Hate Weimar, communism and the Jews.
      • Very little planned.
      • Not many members - itler was the 54th.
    • 1920
      • Led by Hitler.
      • Political ideas: Remove Jews from positions of power, destroy Marxism and Weimar, promote Germans and create a strong central government.
      • The plan was to create their own private army (SA) to intimidate opponents. They also wanted to create a strong party identity.
      • By 1922, there was 3000 members mostly around Munich.
    • Hitler outlined a 25 point plan which set out the aims for the NSDAP.
    • Hitler invented the Nazi flag: Red background for socialism, white circle for nationalism, swastika for racism.
    • The Nazis were supported by a range of people.


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