Formation of Huricane

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  • Formation of a Huricane
    • 1.When this warm and wet air rises, it condenses to form towering clouds, heavy rainfall. It also creates a low pressure zone.
    • 2. So the low pressure sucks in air from the warm surroundings, which then also rises. A continuous upflow of warm and wet air continues
    • 3.Air that surrounds the low pressure zone at the centre flows in a spiral at very high speeds - anti-clockwise in the northern hemisphere - at speeds of around 120 km/h
    • 4. Air is ejected at the top of the storm – which can be 15km high – and falls to the outside of the storm, out and over the top, away from the eye of the storm.
    • 5. The faster the winds blow, the lower the air pressure in the centre, and so the cycle continues. The hurricane grows stronger and stronger.


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