retrieval failure

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  • Forgetting - Retrieval Failure
    • Another theory states that being able to recall information depends on getting the right cues
    • Retrieval Failure  is where information exists in memory but it is unaccessible
    • When information is placed in our memory, cues are stored at the same time, if these cues are not available at the time of recall, the information appears to be forgotten
    • We remember more when we are in the same context/mood as we were in when we coded the information, this is known as cue-dependant learning
    • A cue is a trigger of information that allows us to access a memory, cues can be external (surroundings),internal (mood)
    • There are two types of cues (Context-Dependant Forgetting), and (State Dependent forgetting)
      • In this study, divers learned a list of words either under water or on land, and then had to recall the words either under water or on land. When the two conditions didn't match, recall was 40% lower
        • Context-Dependant Forgetting
      • Experimenters gave drugs to patients, the drugs had a mild sedative creating an different state of mind from normal. Participants had to learn a list of words  and recall. When the two conditions didn't match, performance was significantly worse


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