Forest Management

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  • Forest Management
    • Coppicing is the cutting down of trees close to the ground and then leaving them for several years to re grow
    • Selective cutting is felling only some of the largest trees leaving others to grow
      • Valuable on steep slopes where the total removal of trees would leave the soil very vulnerable to erosion
      • Also helps maintain nutrients in the forest soil
    • Long rotation time also increases sustainablilty
    • Planting trees the optimum distance apart as planting trees close together will create intra-specific competition. This results in the trees growing tall and thin producing poor quality timber
    • Controlling pests and diseases, if trees grow well less will need to be felled, best use of the land, reducing total area required
    • Preservation of native woodlands. Woodland covers 10% of the UK but only 1% of this area consists of native woodland.
      • Essential these native woodlands are preserved to enhance biodiversity.


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