Foreigners in The Sign of Four

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  • foreigners
    • Foreigners are presented as inferior and uncivilised.
      • Tonga is animalised.
        • 'savage, distorted creature'
        • 'features marked with all ********** and cruelty'
          • 'all'- no redeeming qualities.
          • uses the noun 'features' instead of face- suggests that he isn't sure if it counts as a face- doesn't look human
        • 'half-animal fury'
        • 'venomous, menacing eyes'
        • 'yellow teeth gnashing'
          • like a dog
            • he is also described as looking like a ' newfoundland dog'
        • he has no lines- gives him no chance to defend himself and implies that he is not educated enough to speak- if he had spoken, the audience may also feel more empathy for him.
      • "black fiends" "dancing and howling round the burning house"
        • "howling"- like a dog or a wolf- dehumanising, savage. the fact that they are dancing around a fire also fulfils the stereotypical view of savages dancing around a fire. suggests they are happy at the destruction that they have caused.
      • Jonathan small goes abroad and that is what turns him into a criminal- he is corrupted by the four and the treasure."it was an evil day for me when I first clapped eyes upon the merchant Achmet"
    • the three Sikhs whom are part of the four have very violent methods
      • they threaten Jonathon small  with death unless he joins them- "you must either be with us now, or you must be silenced forever"
      • 'buried his knife twice in his side'- excessive violence
      • "bounding like a tiger"- again referred to as an animal. tiger= very vicious, like the four.


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