foreign policy 1571 - 1588: overseas trade and plans for colonisation

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  • Foreign policy ('71 - '88) Overseas trade & colonisa-tion
    • The main changes were twofold:
      • 1st- the main markets for wool moved from southern to northern  Netherlands.
      • And there was an inc in trade w/ the Ottoman Empire.
    • David Palliser- England remained 'relatively backward' in it's exploitation of trading opportunities in Liz's reign.
    • It was important later on they were extending trade to mainland North America, & an attempt to form a colony in Virginia.
    • Humphrey Gilbert suggested colonising North America, supported by Richard Hakluyt. Presented this t the Queen through his half brother Walter Raleigh
    • Raleigh had lots of support including Walsingham. In 1585 he received the Queen a patent to colonise Virginia
    • 2 expeditions sailed for Virginia, although made land on Roanoke island, in what became North Carolina.
    • Unfortunately for Raleigh's investors, and those who died, the attempts at colonisation proved disasterous
      • This was because of poor organisation, ill luck & reluctance by the Queen to give the matter priority when  she was faced w/ war w/ Spain.
    • Permanent English colonisation of Virginia had to wait until James I.


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