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      • iN 1877, the transvaal was bankrupt and threatened by the Zulus, colonial secretary caernarvon took the opp. and added the Transvaal to the British empire. the british gov. of cape colony Sir Bartle Frere decided to take matters into his own hands and gave the zulus an ultimatium demanding the disbandment of the Zulu army.
      • The ultimatium was refused and resulted in war between b and the zulus. The British suffered a major defeat in 1879. Control was eventually reasserted and the ZUlus defeated later that year but at cost of prestige and lives.
    • suez canal
      • ruler of egypt owned 44% of the shares of suez canal and was almost bankrupt so decided to sell/.
      • disraeli acted quickly and bought the shares after consulting with the queen. this was a successful move from disraeli - prevented the french from taking a majority interest in the canal.
    • afganistan, india and russia
      • both britain and russia hoped to influence a. by setting up a mission in kabul. disraeli appomited lord lytton as viceroy of india hoping he would be pro active in setting up the mission.
      • in 1878, news reached Lytton that russian mission had been successful so lytton sent troops into a. the mission was masacred in 1879. disraeli was criticised for his lack of control over Lytton.


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