Foreign relations Henry VII

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  • Foreign Relations in Henry VII's reign
    • 1486-Truces signed with scotland and France;commercial treaty with Brittany
    • 1488-Succession of 15 year old James IV as King of Scotland;French attack on Brittany
    • 1489-Henry intervened to help Brittany remain independent from France;Treaty of Medina del campo with Spain
    • 1491-Perkin Warbeck made his claim to the throne
    • 1492-Resolution of the Breton Crisis in the Treatyof Etaples
    • 1497-Scottish invasion of the northen England;Truce of Ayton
    • 1503-Marriage of Henry VII's eldest daughter,Margaret,to James IV of Scotland
    • 1501-Marriage of Prince Arthur to Catherine of Aragon
    • 1504-Death of Queen Isabella of Spain
    • 1506-Death of Philip of Burgundy-led to succession crisis there and in castile
    • 1508-League of Cambrai set up


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