Foreign Policy and ancien regime

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  • Foreign Policy
    • The 7 Years War (1756-63)
      • against Britain in colonies.
      • defeats in India and N. America.
        • 1763 - Britain took control of French controlled areas of Canada, India, West Africa and several islands in West Indies.
    • American war of independence
      • Worsened crown finances and after France was left with a debt of 100 million livres.
      • Soldiers became exposed to ideas of freedom, liberty and democracy.
        • They wanted those same values in France
      • France joined war in 1778
    • Funding
      • Wars funded by borrowing
        • even more debt
          • temporary/emergency taxes were introduced
      • Vingtieme was introduced in 1749 but was still collected in 1780
      • Members of the first and second estate were often exempt from paying these taxes due to their position in society.  This meant that they were not contributing to the welfare of the country's economy.


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