Forces on materials

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  • Forces on materials
    • Compression and tension
      • Forces are measured in newtons (N)
      • A force is neither a push or a pull
      • When objects bend, one par is in tension while another part is in compression
    • Hooke's Law
      • When metals, made into springs and wires, stretch they follow a pattern
      • 'The extension is is directly proportional to the force applied'
      • When the weight is removed, it springs back to it's orginal length.
    • Tensile breaking strength and stress
      • Wires, as well as springs, also obey Hooke's Law, up their elastic limit.
      • Applying more force will eventually break he wire
      • A wire with high tensile strength resists stretching
      • Steel cable, to support bridge structures and ships' anchors, needs to be both corrosion resistant and strong


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