Forces and Shape

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  • Forces and Shape
    • Forces
      • UPTHRUST, the upward force that liquids and gases exert on objects
      • VISCOUS DRAG, similar to air resistance, but occurs when an object is moving through a liquid
      • MAGNETIC, forces that magnets exert on other magnets or things made of iron (or other ferrous materials)
      • AIR RESISTANCE (OR DRAG), friction between an object and the air (or gas) that it is moving through
      • ELECTROS- -TATIC, the force between electrically charged objects
      • WEIGHT, the force that acts on a body because of gravity
      • NORMAL REACTION, the special name for the contact force that acts on an object pressing down on another object
      • FRICTION, the force that opposes motion, either when you try to make something move or while it is moving
      • TENSION, in strings, cables, ropes, etc. that are being stretched (not slack)
    • The unit of force: Forces are measured in newtons (N). 1N is roughly the weight of an apple.
    • Force = Mass X Acceleration


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