Forces AQA P2

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  • Forces
    • Types of Forces that act on an object:
      • Air Ressistence
      • Gravity
      • Friction
      • Water Ressistence
      • Drag Force
      • When all forces on an object are equal...
        • While in rest it is Stationary
        • During motion it is in Terminal Velocity
    • Resultant Force
      • Non-Zero Resultant Force
        • 50N of  Acceleration and 20N of Friction
      • Zero Resultant Force
        • 10N of Push Force and 10N of Friction.
      • Resultant Force=Mass x Acceleration
    • Forces On The Road
      • Thinking Distance
        • Distance it takes to react to a hazard
        • Factors affecting this:
          • Influence of Drugs/alcohol
          • Tirednes
      • Stopping Distance
        • Distance it takes for vehicle to stop after brakes are applied.
        • Factors affecting this:
          • Friction between vehicle and surface
          • Weather Conditions
          • Condition of Tyres
    • Falling Objects
      • Weight is the force of gravity on an object
        • Weight = Mass x Gravitational Field Strength
      • Mass is the quantity of matter in an object.
        • 1Kg = 10N on Earth


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